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Friday, June 13, 2008

Jim Krusoe

I am a mega-fan of Jim Krusoe and his new novel 'Girl Factory' is a must. Here's a link to an interview with Michael Silverblatt with Krusoe.

www.kcrw.com/etc/programs/ bw/bw080508jim_krusoe

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tony Visconti at Book Soup! June 21

Dear Ladies and (those who are) Gentlemen,

I am thrilled that Tyson and Charles booked the remarkable, the great, and if I can use this word (and will) legendary Tony Visconti. For those who are not in the know, Visconti is a great record producer who has worked with David Bowie, Les Rita Mitsuoko, Sparks, Morrissey, and of course the classic T-Rex recordings.

His memoir is a really wonderful read, and for those who are Bowie lunatics (and i am one) it's a must for the library. Just to tease our audience, Here's a brief interview with Visconti:

And for those who want to hear some of this man's great productions:

David Bowie "Heroes"

T-Rex "Bang a Gong"

Sparks "Get In The Swing"

And the great Les Rita Mitsuoko's "Le Petit Train"

And for our fellow employee Brian, here's

Morrissey "In the Future When All's Well"

And that's just a touch of Tony Visconti's talent.

Tosh (in London at the moment)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bernadette Peters!!!!!

Bernadette Peters is GORGEOUS. She hasn't aged a day since "The Jerk". And she's brilliant, kind, funny... I could go on and on. Check out these pictures, taken by our equally beautiful customer Judy, and if you have kids or love dogs pick up her book "Broadway Barks".

Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock

If you know the film Gummo, you know the kind of world Donald Ray Pollock's "Knockemstiff" inhabits. If you don't know Gummo, then you're in for a treat. Knockemstiff, Ohio is a damned, doomed, deadend town, and it's inhabitants sling to their sanity in oddle touching ways (though you may have to reevaluate your definition of 'touching'). By turns ribald, disturbing, and hilarious (often simultaneously), Knockemstiff is fantastic new fiction.


In this unforgettable work of fiction, Donald Ray Pollock peers into the soul of a tough Midwestern American town to reveal the sad, stunted but resilient lives of its residents.

Spanning a period from the mid-sixties to the late nineties, the linked stories that comprise Knockemstiff feature a cast of recurring characters who are woebegone, baffled and depraved—but irresistibly, undeniably real. Rendered in the American vernacular with vivid imagery and a wry, dark sense of humor, these thwarted and sometimes violent lives jump off the page at the reader with inexorable force. A father pumps his son full of steroids so he can vicariously relive his days as a perpetual runner-up body builder. A psychotic rural recluse comes upon two siblings committing incest and feels compelled to take action. Donald Ray Pollock presents his characters and the sordid goings-on with a stern intelligence, a bracing absence of value judgments, and a refreshingly dark sense of bottom-dog humor.

With an artistic instinct honed on the works of Flannery O’Connor and Harry Crews, Pollock offers a powerful work of fiction in the classic American vein. Knockemstiff is a genuine entry into the literature of place.