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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Book Review - The Dead All Have the Same Skin

The wait is finally over.
For the next week Book Soup is the only retailer in the world where you can get this smoking new Vian translation.
Our man from Long Island Brian wrote a colorful review, posted below, that I'll recommend with the same warnings as the book: Not for the faint of heart, politically correct, morally rigid, old, young, conservative or liberal. Enjoy---

The Dead All Have the Same Skin is a nasty piece of work. vile. depraved. disgusting. rape. murder. racism. immorality. amorality. seedy. sleazy. blood. semen. shit. piss.
The book floats around New York city bars and bistros and pool halls and tenements and back alleys. And dan parker... he's a bad bad man. bangs prostitutes two at a time behind his wife's back, beats up mucho people (particularly black people, he hates black people), hates his wife, hates himself... it's pitch perfect noir. And then it flips off into rod serling territory. goddammit, when parker's knocking around manhattan looking for a black chick to bang ("a fat, sweaty one"), to test himself, to try and understand the 'feral' attraction, and why white wimin just ain't doing it for him no more... well, it's just too much. you see... dan parker is half black. and been passing as white for years. and his long lost brother is gonna 'out' him. not good. dan parker goes apeshit. totally fucking crazy. two black chicks at the same time in a seedy steamy harlem bar, thinking about bashing in their heads, thinking about his white body sandwiched between their dark bodies. wild and weird shit. and then the cops are after him... and that ending. that ending. vian had balls bigger than my head. that this comes out of the 40's? from a guy who had never been to new york and who wrote under an alias as a black american? i don't know. i just don't know. read this shitstained cumspot of a book and meet a man who has forfeited his soul to fear and racism, and watch as it all comes full circle. read this madhouse. but beware.

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