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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eat Hell by Joseph Mattson

Hewn from the piss stained streets of Los Angeles, "Eat Hell" is filled with dirty hope-- the kind we need most in the worst of times. Enjoy.

"Joseph Mattson is a monster of a writer." -- Beth Lisick

EAT HELL: Plus Two Variations on the Heart Going Down in L.A. is the wrenching, funny, and gut-maniacal new book of stories of unrequited love by Joseph Mattson, author of the much-anticipated forthcoming novel Empty the Sun, which will include a Soundtrack by Drag City recording artist Six Organs of Admittance. A Los Angeles trio of love gone south, Eat Hell occupies a special crux where humility, humanity, and insanity come together in the name of exquisite oblivion. Cover art by the incomparable Mel Kadel.

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Tosh said...

Joseph has come up with a great book and it's only $5! Remarkable looking as well.