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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hollywood Glamour

So some of spent last night watching either Oscars Red Carpet parade of stars. Seeing the relative consertative dressing and many odes to The First Lady (how many one shoulder dresses or white gowns were there last night?)

I was reminded of a book lingering around the Book Soup shelves, cataloged in both the Film and Fashion sections. Adrian: Sliver Screen to Custom Label by
Christian Esquevin chronicles what many believe was the Golden Age of film fashion, from the 1930s through the post WWII 1940s. I have to admit it was movies made in those times and the amazing women wearing the clothes that made we want to become a fashion designer.

One film that stands out is The Women (1939). I can only the imagine the wardrobe closet for this huge cast of ladies, I would love a chance to walk through it. But barring that trip, this book with do just fine.

Oh and this funny video from youtube:



Caroline said...

Great post!
I love it... and I love all the old Hollywood glamour. You're a rockstar, lady.

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