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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Super Fun Real Book Event

So I can't say that I have read Gary Shteyngart's new book, Super Sad True Love Story (follow the link in the title of this blog for the New York Times review), though it is in my short stack of books next to my bed of books to read as soon as I finish the handful that I'm reading now. I can say however, what big fans of Shteyngart we here at Book Soup are. And I can say that I personally find his take on ubiquitous ebooks debate rather apt.

Two nights ago, at the Skirball Cultural Center, Shteyngart had the audience in stitches while reading from his new book. And as the line of people waiting to get their books signed stretched through the lobby a funny thing happened, as you can see in the picture above (photo by Bonnie Perkinson). A savvy young woman had Shteyngart sign her iPad.....and not the back of it, but the screen where the full title page was fully displayed. Apparently, this is not the first time he's signed an eReader. He laughed about it, signed the screen and moved on.

There was something about this action that I just loved, that a woman would allow the screen of an expensive electronic to be signed in permanent marker, that Shteyngart would laugh about his book about, among other things, the obsolescence of books and the proliferation of ebooks being read as an eBook.

Needless to say, it was a great event and one I won't soon forget.

Happy Reading,

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