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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spencer Kansa's "Wormwood Star: The Magickal Life of Marjorie Cameron

First of all Cameron was an excellent friend of my Dad and Mom. And second, its weird for me to read a biography on a family friend. But saying that, this is overall a good introduction to Cameron and her work. She was (or still is) a fascinating character - and as a big part of the Jack Parsons story it's an essential read for anyone interested in Magick or the the cult world. 
The beauty of Cameron's life and work is that she had one foot in the Occult, and the other in the arts. I think both worlds were equal footing for her. The big drag about this book is the actual printing of images and photos. They're terrible. Probably due to some printing mistake and no money to fix it - but nevertheless an important book to have in your library. 
I think also that there will be other biographies coming out on her, because she is just too interesting to be an obscure figure. There are certain people not interviewed for this book that makes it interesting in a 'hmm' way. No Kenneth Anger interview, no one from the OTO, nor from her estate as far as I know. The publishers were not allowed to print any of her artwork (which could be a blessing considering the printing of the book) - but alas, Kansa did a good job in research and the book is totally readable and super interesting. Get it before it disappears!

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