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Friday, April 22, 2011


Anyone who knows me (do you?) knows that i have a strong passion for this particular Japanese chain store. Muji has been around since 1980, and it specializes in minimal great designs and fantastic practical products. Everything from the bicycle to the Umbrella to a cotten white dress shirt to dresses to underwear to kitchen stuff. So basically they offer the napkin to the pre-fab Muji designed house. 
I discovered this store in 1989, and have been a huge fan since then. Besides Japan, they opened up stores in Europe. London and Paris has superb Muji outlets and in New York City. What got me stuck on them was their stationary products - specifically their writing instruments and blank notebooks. What they offer was something that had no identity, but perfectly designed. A weird combination perhaps, but there no logo stance is actually their logo. 
"Muji" the book pretty much describes the seduction of a clean interior with very minimal designed products. A perfect world to me is a house (designed by Muji) with their product. The only thing i haven't tried Muji is their food line. Mostly crackers, ice cream and various types of drinkable liquids. But I am not sure if I want to open the packaging because it looks too beautiful, too perfect. The packaging maybe more important than what's inside it. Perhaps? 
Nevertheless a fascinating book on a fascinating company. Long may they live!

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