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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: Tosh

In true form, when asked to name a book he always meant to read, Tosh replied with a book that doesn't exist yet:

Morrissey's Upcoming Memoir

It hasn't been officially announced yet, but it will come. Morrissey wrote a memoir and Penguin Classics will be publishing it. Sometime either the end of this year or the beginning of the next year. Without a doubt this book will be a classic, due to Morrissey's character and very strong opinions on the pop music world, animal rights, politics, but also his very special sensibility that makes him one-of-a-kind. The fact that his written words will be part of the Penguin Classic series is a perfect marriage.

After a bit more urging, Tosh also provided a book that you can buy at Book Soup:

"The White Album" by Joan Didion

By all concern a classic book on non-fiction writing and one I have never read. First of all I always thought it was clever to name this book "The White Album." It is sort of like taking the Beatles thunder and making it into your own lightning. Also being bred and born in Los Angeles it is the essential book for a citizen to read - but again, it is something I have passed on and I am not sure why?

Yet the book lingers on my brain, and I actually even bought it, but I have put it off like a fantastic dessert that you are saving yourself for. I don't know if "The White Album" is that dessert, yet it lingers on my brain and I do see it in front of me as I write.

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