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Monday, January 12, 2015

#1 for #2 is a new, semi-regular series that focuses 
on the preferred bathroom reading materials
of Book Soup staffers and customers. 

#1 for #2
episode 1
Book Soup's assistant manager 

What's your go-to book when you're using the little boys' room?


Harold and the Purple Crayon is essentially a story of consequences. Harold draws something with his magical purple crayon that inevitably creates a dilemma that he must overcome. The sensation and ultimate satisfaction when purging [waste] couples nicely with this story. I liken it to going to the Chinese Theater and sitting in the seats that vibrate. One doesn't need the other in order to be facilitated, but combine them and you have a next level experience. 

BONUS QUESTION: What do you know about the First World War (AKA "The Great War" and "WWI") apart from it being partially instigated by the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand?

Let's see, it was the first war to utilize toxic gasses as an agent of death and destruction. It also left Germany's economy in a shambles, leaving the country in a desperate state of dire straits, and making them vulnerable to Hitler's genocidal regime. That and a surprising shortage of working toilets (little known fact).    


That sound indicates the end of round one. Thanks for reading, and be sure to tune in next time, when Zane Morris discusses martial arts and self-control.

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