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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Terrible Interview or a Wonderful Wit? Evelyn Waugh and the BBC

By Christina K. Holmes

We Book Soupers love us some YouTube clips, especially anything nostalgic or from a different era (hey, we are in the book business after all).  When Eveleyn Waugh's The Loved One was voted as our June (Book) Soup of the Month, I didn't waste a minute using my  Googling powers to see what I could dig up on the cantankerous Brit that fellow author James Lee Milne once described as "the nastiest tempered man in England."

What I found was this BBC interview conducted in 1953, considered to be the "most ill natured interview ever broadcast" according to the caption, though credit for that may fall to the interviewer rather than the author himself.  And as for comparing it to interviews in our current times, I'm sure we could all come up with worse (Kanye West v. every interviwer ever comes to mind).

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