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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Power by Brian Bendis & Michael Oeming

.......is a series of comic books (turned into graphic novel format) that has been going since 2000. With the upcoming release of Watchmen, Alan Moore's Magnum Opus, Powers becomes even more poignant and important in the genre of alternative superhero stories, again proving that superheroes are more than just grown men in tights. Powers follows the lives of Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, partners who work the homicide beat. There's just one thing different about these two, they work the homicide beat for the Powers, that is, they investigate murders of superheroes. Much like Watchmen, Bendis and Oeming go with the idea that in our world, if there were superheroes, they would be monitored by the Government. But what happens to Deena Pilgrim and Christian Walker when a powers serial killer starts picking off the masked crime-fighters? And what is Detective Walker's connection to these superheroes? It's all in Powers: one of the best comic book series ever, by the master of comic book story telling, Brian Bendis.

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