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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Angaza Afrika: African Art Now by Chris Spring

Angaza Afrika is an incredible catalogue of contemporary work from not only Africa, but the Black Atlantic as well. There are countless artists of all medium’s represented here. Check this out:

Africa's artistic landscape is immensely fertile. It has emerged from its colonial past, and is once again asserting its own identity. It is not only confined to the continent itself, but has spread throughout the world through the work of both those descended from the enforced migrations of the slave trade and also those who have more recently left their homes in Africa to take their place on an international stage. This book brings together more than 60 of Africas most creative contemporary artists. Drawn from across the African continent as well as from Europe, North America, the Caribbean and South America, the book illustrates the diversity and vitality of these artists. Their work leaps off the page with more than 350 colour images (many especially commissioned). In addition to painters, sculptors and photographers, there are a number of artists whose work embraces performance and installation. Many of the materials they use are as unorthodox as their imagery, with ready-made and found objects.


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