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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two New Art Books That Knock Me Out

Arthur Danto's fascinating yet totally accessible study on the art of Andy Warhol. It is one of those books that one picks up and has a hard time putting it down. There are many fine books on the Warhol myth and his iconic art, but Danto cuts through the bullshit and writes about what makes Warhol tick for him. Incredibly insightful, smart, and never talks down to his readers - an essential book on Warhol and his art.

I knew nothing of Steve Wolfe's artwork till I picked up this book today. Ok, if you are a book and vinyl lover you are going to love this book - because Wolfe loves the same thing as you do. And what he does is do exact reproductions of classic and cool book covers. You can smell the obsession off the pages of this book. Beautifully produced, beautifully put together - and I think this is a major work. Masterpiece.

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