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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Operation Mincemeat: Perhaps the Most Absurd Intel Op of WWII

Ben Macintyre (author of the amazing Agent Zigzag) returns with a book about one of the most absurd, Pythonesque intelligence operations of World War II...

This book is about two intelligence officers: Charles Cholmondeley of M15 and Ewen Montagu of British Naval Intelligence. These two disparate individuals concocted one of the most daring plans of WWII, and it involved a dead man, false secrets, a canister of dried ice (designed by Charles Foster-Smith, the basis for Q in the Bond movies), the HMS Seraph, the Spanish city of Huelva, a life jacket, a reading of the 39th Psalm and a local fisherman, amongst other various players and details.

Give this book a read. Then do yourself a favor and read Macintyre's Agent Zigzag.

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