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Friday, November 19, 2010

"Shazam! The Golden Age of The World's Mightest Mortal" by Chip Kidd and Georff Spear

Chip Kidd is not only a great book designer but he's a man of great passion - with respect to comic book history.  But it is not only the history of a particular comic, it is also the history of the by-products of that work - meaning the cinema, the toys, and interesting enough, the clothing.  In his latest book he covers Captain Marvel. 
Captain Marvel via the eyes of the 21st Century is a poor cousin to Superman - but alas, Captain Marvel is much more then that.  Young boy Billy Batson yells out the word "Shazam" and he becomes super hero Captain Marvel.  What boy would not want to have those powers!?!   And that is the inner-beauty of Captain Marvel connection to the youth at the time. 
One also admires the beauty of the toys, the wrist watches (that can't break!), bean bags, and the Captain Marvel costume that was made for the Republic serial.   This book is more of a fetish object than anything else.  It drips with passion and beauty of the drawings and lettering of a classic comic.  Beautiful production job as well

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