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Thursday, August 25, 2011

McKenzie Wark's "The Beach Beneath The Street"

Without a doubt one of the better books out there on the Situationist International. And come to think of it maybe the best overall history of the movement that wasn't really a movement at all. McKenzie Wark breaks down all the main characters in this world - and tells exactly what they contribute to the literature or the series of actions that makes up Guy Debord and his world. And speaking of Debord there are a lot of others who contribute to this living critique of our world. 

I am also happy that there is great mention of Boris Vian and even my Dad shows up on these pages. Especially the fascinating chapter on the Scottish writer and the man who was always in the right place, right time and even more important - the right people, Alexander Trocchi. This is very much an essential guide to the Situationists and all the by-products of their culture that came before and even after. And the cover turned poster - is a must as well!


mckenziewark said...

Thanks for the review. So who is this father of yours that i mention?

Tosh said...

Wallace Berman