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Monday, December 12, 2011

Staff Gift Recommendations: Love You Forever

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
Pass on the message of unconditional love to a young tyke in your life! This book changed my life at four years old. My mother gave it to me for Christmas and I still have it to this day - beat & worn - and will forever cherish it.

For readers, ages 4 to 8. A tremendous gift with a powerful message that has the ability to touch a child's heart for a lifetime.

- Rebekah


Anonymous said...

When my sons were young, I bought them both a copy and wrote a personal note. We read the book constantly and now that they are teens, all I have to say is "Love you forever" for them to smile.

adminhead said...

Aw, that story just made my day. Thank you for sharing! My mother and I read it many times over as well.

I also remember - years later - my mother getting frustrated with me as a rebellious teenager... In the heat of an argument, I'd say to her - "But mom, I thought you said 'you'd love me forever & like me for always....?' - She'd try to hide the smile & stay angry, but she'd always crack :)