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Monday, February 25, 2013

David reviews Packing For Mars

Packing For Mars by Marry Roach.

I always wanted to travel into space. After reading this, I'm seriously rethinking that dream. The thought of being encased in, essentially a tin can that smells like a Porta Potty, eating food that gets re-hydrated as you chew it, while contemplating my ever decreasing bone mass just seems...enormously challenging. Needless to say, Packing For Mars is anything but. Fascinating, hilarious, and completely engrossing, Mary Roach digs into the many facets that accompany life in the freezing killer vacuum of space. I'll put it this way. Star Trek this ain't. Space travel, as it stands, is more akin to the frontier life of the early settlers; uncomfortable, dangerous, and smelly.

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