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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sir Elton John, the Patron Saint of Book Soup

If you happened to be lucky enough to be in West Hollywood on the afternoon of Saturday, February 27th, then you probably saw, felt, or heard the awesome power of Sir Elton John's (FREE!) concert from the old Tower Records, directly across the street from us. We had a front row seat, and it was something to see!

The concert was Sir Elton's way of thanking the City of West Hollywood for allowing him to hold his annual Oscar viewing party and fundraiser at a local park. That party by the way, raises massive amounts of money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, and is attended by a who's who of old and new Hollywood.

In the video announcing the free concert, Sir Elton tells Sharon Osbourne about his passion for the old Tower Records and then he proclaims his affection for Book Soup! The feeling is mutual. He declared he might throw himself off a bridge were we to close our doors. There's no danger of that so all are safe for now.

We've long maintained that Sir Elton is something of a saint around these parts. He and his family have been an amazing support over the years and probably kept our lights on in leaner times. A visit from Sir Elton  is always a highlight of our day. Plus he wrote a kick ass memoir about his charity work on behalf of people all over the world living with HIV and AIDS. Seriously, you should read it. People pay good money to see him globally, so a free concert (in our front yard no less) made for a special day in our neighborhood.  We miss the old Tower Records store too and we can't wait to see what Gibson Guitars does with the space.

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