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Monday, March 2, 2009

Adopted Dog Bible by Kim Saunders & Petfinder.com

If you are thinking about getting a dog, or know someone who is, this is the book to get.
Petfinder.com is a brilliant website that is literally the used car lot for all the second hand pets in the country.

This book will help you navigate your way through the vast, (and I mean vast) array of dogs (all makes, models, ages & colors!). Any breed you want, you can have. They are all out there waiting for a home.

I think we all know that buying a dog from a pet store is a really bad idea. Even Oprah did a show on puppy mills (I know you watch her). It's not just that the animals are bred in deplorable conditions and badly treated, but you are literally sentencing a shelter dog to death.
A bit harsh? Well, have a quick look on line at the number of animals destroyed in animal shelters across the US because there is simply no room for them. The numbers are in the millions.
The majority are not ill, not old and have nothing wrong with them. They are destroyed because we don't want them.

Have a look at this great book and keep it in mind for a gift. We live in such a disposable society and animals are the ones who suffer the most.

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Caroline said...

Great post, Sue! Thanks for taking up the cause. I hope we can do more for dogs at the store. I will have an album of Book Soup rescue doggies up next week!