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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gearing up to get crafty: check out Handmade Nation!

Need some inspiration to get crafty? This week there are two treats from the same team: Handmade Nation the book (available here at Book Soup) and, coming soon to a town near you: Handmade Nation the documentary!

Often the best way to jump ahead in crafting projects is to read up on what everyone else is up to. This book has been a huge source of inspiration for me... I think a good craft book should function very much like a cookbook: just as fun to look at and browse as it is to follow along with and learn from.

If you have ever been called "grandma" for being a young hip twenty- or thirtysomething who knits or does other crafts, this book will help you find some solidarity in your extended crafting community. I loved it enough to buy it twice. The first time I was dumb enough to leave the book sitting next to a jack-o-lantern that rotted and leaked all over my beautiful volume of craft deliciousness. How could I not want to read about Jenny Hart and Sublime Stitching's birth or Tracy Bull of Happy Owl Glassworks? I defy anyone to resist.

But I am holding a brand new copy in my hands and I am going to own it again today. So. Read it, love it, watch the film when it comes your way, and get out your crafty materials and make something beautiful this week. What else are you up to during all this rain?

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