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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton"


Dandy culture lives in the paintings and drawings by current art darling (and she is a darling in the great sense) Elizabeth Peyton. Now having her first major retrospective in New York City, Phaidon Press recently published this catalogue to go with the exhibtion.

First of all this book is beautifully designed and it fits in perfectly with Peyton's aesthetic. Most of the portraits have a strong gesture towards the British boy or man. Well, more like a boy. An innocence that may or may not exist in the actual model, but nevertheless Peyton sees these figures as in a dream figure. In other words it is not really about the subject, but more about the painter. And that is what makes her art so appealing.

Dandies are only interested in other dandy's in a superficial level, and it is mostly about the main subject matter. In this case that means Elizabeth Peyton.

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