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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Influence by Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

Yes you read it right. And no it is not too easy and no no no it is not because Book Soup is in West Hollywood. It is because it is a damn good book.

Part scrapbook, part inspiration book and conversation with a friend or hero over coffee or cocktails. (I vote for cocktails!)

It is a personal look at what inspires us to wear what we wear and what inspires us to create. And remember often a few months after someone in the press says "These girls look awful!" It is the Twins who have the last laugh as the Olsen ladies launch another trend.

Influence touches on art, photography (do not get mad at me for listening them separately), all manners of design: contemporary fashion, jewelry design, vintage fashion, and culture. The impact of adornment on ourselves and each other.

There are amazing images of impeccably intricate rings that could be out of a page of an entomology book. Vintage photos of style icons like Laureen Hutton and DVF. Lovely portraits of contemporary designers, one image of Giambattista Valli as sexy as he wants to be in black sweater and a strand of pearls around his neck - a timeless nod to style and a reminder of how much our standards of masculine and feminine have changed.

And so what there a couple pictures of a mega watt diamond ring that one sister gave to the other for her 21st birthday. So what? Do not hate the playa. Hate the game.


Caroline said...

Your posts are so beautiful, Tereneh. I love that you featured this book because so many of us, me included, were tempted to overlook it. It really is a gem. Lots of people have said how much they love it- hopefully your sharing about it will get the word out even further!

Tosh said...

This is a very cool book in a great way.