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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Italian Cookbook inspired true love.

And I am not even a big Italian eater. When I eat out, I generally lean towards sushi or Thai or, for a splurge, French. Italian is basic tasty comfort food, in my general experience.

Or it was, until I saw Maxine Clark's Italian Kitchen. Now, I think I have been selling Italian incredibly short. This cookbook has inspired nothing short of lust.

Pure unbridled lust, I tell you, in everyone I have shown it to. The photographs made each of us groan while we looked through it. One employee even went so far as to say that our reactions to the cookbook were making him a bit nervous.

But if you haven't imagined eating Pea Pecorino Pear crostini or Tiramisu cheesecake while looking at these photos, I swear you haven't lived.

In the interest of full disclosure, we only got the one in, and I knew I had to have it by the time I carried it from the cart to the shelf. If you hurry and order it, though, we'll have it in while our 15% off sale is going on for the month of March.

Don't miss out. Power to the pasta!

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