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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On the Web --- Chabon and Wallace

Great Great Article by Michael Chabon re. the difficulty of raising his children to be explorers in the digital age.

A wonderful article by David Foster Wallace's editor at Little Brown
posted by the folks at Infinite Summer. If you haven't heard of Infinite Summer, it's a support group/website sponsored by The Morning News to help you, dear and nervous reader, get through Infinite Jest. They just started on June 21st so you have more than enough time to catch up.

If you need even more of a DFW fix listen to the BookWorm podcasts at KCRW with the ineffable Michael Silverblatt. Or read the old and amazing interview in Context. "Fiction’s about what it is to be a fucking human being." Good good stuff.
And while your on the Dalkey Archive site poke through their other author interviews.
Curtis White, Vollmann, William Burroughs, Julio Cortazar, Robert Creeley, Jose Donoso, Carlos Fuentes, William H. Gass, John Hawkes, Danilo Kis --- my god, I've lost weeks reading these interviews. They're not to be missed.

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Tosh Berman said...

Context is a really great website. Been lost there for the last two or three years myself.