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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thomas Bernhard Interview

One of the most outrageous interviews I've ever read.

Bernard is a mad man.
If you've never been a visitor in his morose and beautiful world read "The Loser" or "Gargoyles" or "Frost". All are excellent, bleak, penetrating and touching novels.
Read this piece from More Intelligent Life for more on Bernhard.

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Tosh Berman said...

As being a publisher myself:

"A publisher once...

What is that, a publisher? I could put the question to you: What is a publisher (Verleger)? A bedside rug (Bettvorleger), there's no doubt what that is. But a publisher, without the bed, that's harder to answer. Someone who misplaces (verlegen) things, a muddled person, who misplaces things and can't find them anymore. That's the definition of a publisher, someone who misplaces things. A publisher, he misplaces things and manuscripts which he accepts and then he can't find them anymore. Either because he no longer likes them or because he's muddled, either way they're gone. Misplaced. For all eternity. All the publishers I know are like that. None of them is so great as not to be the kind who misplaces things. Who publishes something and then it's either ruined or impossible to find."

....That's me in a nutshell