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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Book of the Day

Bande a Part - New York Underground 60's - 80's

Remarkable photographs and even more important, an incredible document on the Music scene that took place in NYC during the late 60's/70's and early 80's.

Some of the photographs have been seen before, but a lot is new to me - and it's great to get all these images in one volume. Also in my humble opinion this was the last great American music movement that still has an affect on contemporary culture. Amazing personalities (Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders, Eno, Bowie, Lou, Cale, Warhol, etc) all in one book.

Great photography by Lee Childers, Billy Name, Anton Perich, Maripol, Roberta Bayley, Danny Fields and Gerard Malanga among others. -Tosh

click HERE to purchase Bande a Part

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