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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Going Rogue, Citizen Palin's look at her life and time in America

Citizen Sarah Palin (she's no longer Governor, having quit mid-term) is not just a gun-toting beauty queen and Vice Presidential candidate. Add author to that list. Curious as to the origins of Citizen Palin? Or, how the erstwhile Republican leader was once a track star and earned the nickname 'Barracuda'? Maybe you'd like to stand beside Citizen Palin as she regards Russia from a distance? Perhaps you'd like to read of her exploits in Wasilla and how she became a 'rogue', without all of that liberal bias, and proceed straight to the source? Be a patriot and have a look at Going Rogue, sure to be one of the most controverial and instructive political biographies of the year.

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