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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bob Willoughby, Audrey Hepburn Photographs 1953-1966

Taschen Books once again has put out an amazing limited print edition that will make collectors go ga-ga.
"Bob Willoughby, Audrey Hepburn Photographs 1953-1966" is a beautiful collection of images of the iconic movie star, doing what she does best.  Being Audrey Hepburn!  Most of these photographs haven't been printed, so the book is an unique experience in obtaining the Hepburn flavour.  It's a limited edition of 1,000.  And right now the price is $500.  It will go up to $700 after September 30th!  And on top of that we have nearly sold all our copies, except for two.  So Dear Sir or Dear Lady, I wouldn't hesitate to pick this up now - because "now" will be yesterday and tomorrow we won't be able to get anymore copies.  Taschen has reported that they are sold out on their end.  So do come to the store and get the last remaining two copies of this piece of cinema history.

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Emilie said...

That girl was really something.