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Friday, September 10, 2010

Ed Ruscha, Nels Cline & David Breskin's "Dirty Baby"

I am very very excited about this unique art book by artist Ed Ruscha, Wilco guitarist Nels Cline and poet David Breskin. It is a hardcover book in a slip case, with four CD's. One pair of CD's is music by Nels Cline made exclusively for the project, and the other two is a spoken word performance from Breskin. The actual book is a beautiful package/design and the inside is full of Ruscha's iconic great art with text by Breskin. Not sure what the print run is, but for sure won't last forever. So pick it up as soon as possible!

Down below are some Ed Ruscha footage of him talking about his art. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

According to the acknowledgements and publishing information, the initial print run is 2500 copies. I only need one, but it's good enough to want to buy every single one of them.

Mark said...

If you are interested, Ruscha’s “Real Estate Opportunities” from 1970 is up for auction.