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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Christian Marclay: Festival Issues 1-3

Christian Marclay is one of my favorite artists - because he speaks in a language that is important to me. Music. Turntablist, visual artist, and conceptual artist. And a performer. He recently had a retrospective that took place at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and this here is the catalog - well, a highly conceptual version of a catalog. 
During the run of the show, they put out three journals or magazines that organically commented on the exhibition as it was happening. What we have here are critical commentary, as well as thoughts from the performers who worked with Marclay, either in the past or for this particular exhibition. Also visual documentation of the performances as well as the artwork. 
All three issues are in a slipcase and it's a wonderful documentation on the world of Christian Marclay

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