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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mad Men Cross-Blogging

Thanks to Stiletto City writer Kastle Waserman for covering our Mad Men event this season! We still have autographed copies of Dyna Moe's book in the store. Come in and take a look - and, if you're like me, keep counting down 'til Season 5.

From http://stilettocity.com/2010/12/05/happy-retro-holidays/ ...

And how could I love vintage and not love Mad Men? I consume each episode like candy, soaking up the fashions, the art direction and, since I currently work in advertising, a little history on the culture and the business. So I got pretty excited when I learned, upon watching the behind the scenes DVD of season 3, about an illustrator named Dyna Moe who is responsible for the images used in the Mad Men Yourself feature on the web, as well as episode drawings that have become viral hits. With the release of a new book, “Mad Men, The Illustrated World,” she did a presentation at Book Soup about the inspiration of her drawings that began with a Christmas card request from Rich Sommer (aka Harry Crane) and took us on a journey through ’50s and ’60s era advertising illustrations that influenced her own, plus how the Mad Men Yourself icons went from fun expressions to total bizarro as can only be told in Moe’s dry, sarcastic sense of humor that had people laughing out loud.

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