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Sunday, May 31, 2009

New York Book Soup Diary Part 3

I have to be honest with you, on this trip I wanted to seduce various cute book clerks that were staying at my hotel, but alas, like all good plans, it went North when I wanted to go South.

So my main passion was to get to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Hall on West 34th Street. And as you know by now, I started heading towards East 34th Street. The clue that i was going on the wrong direction is when I saw various looking lost people with BEA Bags going the opposite direction.

Some of the highlights of the walk towards West 34 th Street:

The great scientist Tesla died here (and played by David Bowie in a movie).

And this as well:

Thomas Edison showed the first American film projection here. Although there are reports that the Europeans were first. Edison was basically a thug. A scientist thug, but nevertheless a thug.

Also I came upon a beautiful that yells out 'New York' to me:

But sadly for me, once inside it yells out 'no, more like Los Angeles.' So I walked out and kept my journey heading West. I eventually reached the Jacob K. Javits Convention Hall where I came upon his statue:

And this is what he looked like as flesh and bones:

And this is what the BEA looks like inside the convention hall:

Can you find me in the crowd? I sort of look like this guy:

Part four soon....

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