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Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Reading and Looking

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So with Memorial Day over the official Summer reading season has begun. But I am sure like most of you reading this blog reading is not just for summer. However it is a lovely excuse to write lists. Lists, so fun.

I picture you now in your bedroom, all proud of yourself having successfully packed for your summer vacation (or stay-cation) with books you so carefully picked out over the days, weeks, months (year!) leading up to this much-anticipated respite.

And then in the airport or en route, you stop at some ghastly place to buy some magazines for the beach or airplane ride. Now you know you need to put some thought into selecting some interesting magazines. You walked through the Book Soup Newstand to get into the store to buy those books you now hold in your hand, those tall paper things sitting on those racks outside are not just decoration.

I mean why buy that amazing Eres bathing suit to sit on the Cote d’Azur when you are reading ______? Well I cannot name names here.

So this is my suggested Summer Reading and Looking list of some of the magazines worth getting sunscreen smudged thumbprints all over:

Acne Paper - one of the best and smartest magazines in the world. Period. Full stop. Buy it, every issue, every time.

Fantastic Man – full of thoughtful, well-dressed, smart, sexy men – kind of like Book Soup. Okay maybe not the well-dressed part (except for Tosh he always looks great).

Vogue (Paris, Italian or American) - Italian – for the great edgy photography, Paris – because it is French and American because you can actually read it.

Corduroy – a great fashion, art, design, media magazine that is smart without trying too hard.

The World of Interiors – what is remarkable to me is how one of my homes is featured in every issue – my Paris pied-e-tierre, the not quite finished carmen in Granada, the townhouse in London…

Special Mention: This weeks (June 1, 2009) issue of Time magazine. Because it is the First Lady and she is Fabulous!

See I am not trying to take up all of your luggage.

Try not to get sand stuck in the pages.



Ti said...

Just the title of this post is enough to raise my pulse. I love summer reading!

Tosh said...

Great post. Viva Vogue!

Idia'Dega said...

Thanks Tosh. Is that because I said you always look good?

Tosh said...

Uh...Yeah I guess so.