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Friday, April 10, 2009

"In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to... "

Fashion! Okay, okay "... thoughts of love," so wrote Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1842. But fashion should not be too far behind why?

Who among us does not remember an outfit or The outfit the man in our life wore on the first date, first meeting or one that impressed us the most? I do.

It was nothing fancy, see it does not have to be fancy. He walked into the restaurant where I was meeting him and a friend. And my heart skipped a beat. He wore an aqua blue short sleeved polo shirt and jeans. The color of the shirt set off his almond-café con leche skin to the point of drinkability. The polo shirt was fitted just so, the short cuffs hit his shapely arms at the right spot where is Aztec tattoo peeked out - his muscles looked so yummy and his pecks, well...you get what I am saying. I am not going to get into the jeans just now, it would be too much. So yeah, in the spring a well dressed man turns a young girls fancy to...him. If he makes a little effort on what he dons.

Modern Menswear by Hywel Davies is a good place to get some ideas or just enjoy sartorial stylings of lovely men.

So you may not wear the oversized-doted number the gentleman in wearing on the cover but do not let that throw you.

Featuring everything from the American in Paris Rick Owens to avant-garde designers you may have never heard of, okay so you may not have heard of Rick Owens either, but...did I mention you need to get this book?

Menswear is often overlooked Fashion Week's media focus is on womenswear but innovations, boundry-breaking styles are occuring in fashion in menswear as we speak. It will shape the way men and women dress in the future, this book is a wonderful introduction to where these designers creativity may lead us in the future.

In addition to finished looks the book also discusses the creative process and trends (not always a bad word) in color, texture and the like. There are classic timeless styles and more innovative contemporary works, Modern.
The book is now available in paperback with a new cover (not sure why) maybe the publishers think this guys looks like President Barack Obama?

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Caroline said...

Thank you for this, Tereneh! Perhaps this will give the fellas a way to think about getting dressed in the morning from a more informed place. Yay! We all win...