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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stuart Sutcliffe/The Lost and 5th Beatle's Artbook

The above book is something I am very excited about, and I don't see it at other stores, except for us of course!

"Stuart Sutcliffe: A Retrospective" is a catalogue out of the Victoria Gallery & Museum in Liverpool, England. Sutcliffe, if by a chance you are not part of the Planet The Beatles, was sometime called the Fifth Beatle. He was a close friend of John Lennon's and actually was the first bass player for the Beatles.

Sutcliffe had that beautiful James Dean mystique. Incredibly handsome and moody, he was a really good painter. He died super young and serves as a shadow in Beatles lore and history. Down below are some images of Sutcliffe and his work:


Caroline said...

Amazing, Tosh. I love him. I cried my eyes out when I saw Back Beat. Will definitely have to check this book out.

Willie Watters said...

THIS is why I love Book Soup, why I happily spend my money there, where I contibute to their Soupy Sales.