"I cannot live without books." -- Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Book Soup Totes and T-shirts!

Need a great gift for Father's day? Why not treat pops to a fantastic Book Soup T-shirt! Our extremely comfortable, lightweight shirts are now available in all sizes.

We carry two different styles: the unisex T-shirt with a crew neck

and the women's shirt with a slightly scooped neckline

We are also selling Book Soup tote bags

Imagine strolling along the farmer's market with this fabulous bag on your shoulder. Or maybe you want to carry your lunch to work in this lovely canvas tote rather than waste paper bags. You can even come into the store, buy a bunch of books for your dad, and carry them all out in a hip Book Soup tote! A fancy tote full of books for your bibliophilic father! What a perfect gift!!

While you're at it, you should check out the wonderful selection of Father's day cards we have in the store. I'm sure dad will really appreciate it!!


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