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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rudolph Wurlitzer

Rudolph Wurlitzer is a writer's writer, which in my opinion is usually a good position to be in. As a scripwriter he wrote:

Two-Lane Blacktop, perhaps the ultimate 1970's American classic film. With James Taylor and Dennis Wilson. We have this DVD in the Criterion edition.

But he also wrote a series of novels:

"The Drop Edge of Yonder"


Among his fans are Dennis Cooper, Thomas Pynchon, and Michael Silverblatt (Bookworm). He also co-directed and co-wrote the film "Candy Mountain" with famed god-head photographer Robert Frank

So for those who are interested in 1970's Hollywood/New York counter-culture Hollywood, Wurlitzer is your author. Oh, and yes he is related to the Wurlitzer Music Company.

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