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Friday, June 26, 2009

Gothic Charm School

When I was a preteen my genteel grandmother gave me a well-meaning tome geared towards teaching young maidens polite social etiquette and propriety. It was riddled with table manners, outdated modes of custom and in general not very helpful. If only she could have given me this wonderful book instead:

Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them
by Jillian Venters

This is a wonderful “guidebook” for the subculture for all ages and from all sides of the cultural fence. Teeming with well thought out insights from multiple perspectives it enables the reader to better understand motives and perhaps could aid in smoothing out many awkward situations faced by Goths an “non-Goths” alike. How many times has a non-Goth walked up to you (a Goth) and stated the ever obvious “Halloween is over!”? Or had a delightful child run up adoringly while the very alarmed parent pulls them back in horror hoping you wont eat them before they can save their youngin? This and many other common/awkward/amusing scenarios are laid out, with motives and suggestions bequeathed to us by the Lady of Manners to aid us in our spooky walk of life, and to aid others when encountering us. Along with her social advice she adds some wonderful suggestions for wardrobe choices, makeup, music and reading. There is really nothing the Lady of Manners has not thought of. Top all that off with the wonderful illustrations by Pete Venters makes this a wonderfully whimsical and informational book!

Jillian and Pete Venters will be signing this unique creation at Book Soup this very Saturday the 27th at 7pm!

-Wednesday Mourning

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