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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rescue Doggy staying with Book Souper, needs forever home!

Hi all...

Those of you animal lovers who enjoyed our little video about our rescue event may want to know about the lovely Lucas (pictured above), who was featured prominently. Our own Ruth has been fostering him since the event, and is looking to find a forever home for him. Here is Ruth:

"We are fostering a two year old male chihuahua who is pretty sweet--loves to snuggle and sit in laps. His main quirk is a total aversion to cameras so I have to get by with this image which isn't bad but it hardly captures his goofy, fun, amusing and lovable personality. I hope that someone is looking for a little pal and that we can help make a match. He normally lives at a rescue agency but there are so many other dogs there he was getting overwhelmed (according to the lady that runs the rescue) and we agreed to foster him for two weeks. He was adopted and brought back after a year but the details are sketchy. Those fine folks named him "Lucas" but I think he deserves an update. He stays nearby when he is off the leash and he doesn't pull or act crazy when he goes on walks.

Let me know if anyone wants more information, more "average" photos, or the number of the rescue lady.

Thanks for considering him,

check out this little video of Ruth's poor husband trying to get around his love to do some physical therapy for even more reasons to bring him home:

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