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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good, seriously actually good, Book Trailers

I was planning to write about the overwhelming crapfest that is the Book Trailer World. What I would have done was subjected you to numerous crummy trailers and then explained how the poor craftsmanship actually makes people LESS interested in reading the books.

Instead, after many hours of searching - and weeping - I found a few trailers that are not only watchable, but actually pretty good. Check em out.

Book Trailers are evolving, very slowly. The majority are overwhelmed by crummy rights-free music, poorly recorded voiceover, text that attempts to explain the entirety of the plot, and a drought of creativity. We need trailers that embrace the author's world, their words and characters.

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Devri said...

I am actually a little excited about reading 'Leviathan'.....but I am more excited about the amazing book trailer.