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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The great world of Jah Wobble

This is a very warm and funny memoir by the great Jah Wobble. Or "Mr. Bass" as I like to call him. For those who don't know the know, Wobble was the original bass player for PIL (Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd. "Public Image" (Wobble sitting down playing the bass and looking uber-cool)

John Lydon (Rotten) and Wobble in classic TV interview mode. Why aren't bands like this anymore? Can you imagine Bono doing this?

Public Image Ltd. "Poptones" One of the great bass playing ever. Beautiful song indeed.

Jah Wobble on British music show "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" Guess what song he's doing?

Jah Wobble Chinese Dub, which is his latest project.

But back to his memoir, it's an excellent read and I strongly suggest it if you have any interest in London circ. culture via the 70's.

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