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Monday, October 26, 2009

My Two Favorite Blondes

"I am Eloise. I am six. I am a city child. I live at the Plaza."

Eloise. She is the cutest little girl who lives on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel and pours water down the mail chute. I love her so.
The Eloise books were written by Kay Thompson: singer, dancer, writer, model....you may remember her from the opening scene of 'Funny Face.'

"Once there was a little doll. Her name was Edith. She lived in a nice house and had everything she needed except someone to play with. She was lonely!"

My other favorite blonde is Edith, "The Lonely Doll" from Dare Wright's book, published in 1957. Dare Wright was quite a doll herself, and posed Edith for many haunting black and white photographs.

Eloise and Edith are both dolls and are deserving of a modern audience! They await you at Book Soup...

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Tosh said...

My type of girls!