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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Taschen's "Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon - The Greatest Movie Never Made""

Taschen this November will be releasing the ultimate Stanley Kubrick book project "Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon - The Greatest Movie Never Made."

I had the honor to see some of the images and the actual design of this impressive book in New York last Spring. Without a doubt it is one of the great books on a particular film project. What impresses one the most is Kubrick's obsession and passion on the subject of Napoleon. He kept a series of index cards that list the daily life of Napoleon from birth to death. Watch the documentary that was made and produced by the fine people at Taschen Books.

Down below are images of what one can call a book. It's more like a book within a lot of books. The release date is November 17th.

Again, the release date is November 17. Call or e-mail us if you want to be called when the book comes out.


Aamina said...

is it wrong to be totally turned on by a book design?

Tosh said...

This is an extremely fetish type of book. The sample copy has just arrived.