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Friday, October 23, 2009

Book News - Oct. 23

~I'm sure this is true, though they've still released no numbers to support the claim, but I've never seen anyone using one....
Contest - take a picture of someone using a Kindle, email it to me - charles@booksoup.com - and you'll get some kind of physical book related goody tbd.

~A positive take on eReaders. Getting a little of the "Indie Bookstore" message anything that encourages/facilitates people reading is a good thing. Though I wonder what they're reading. And this totally changes the used book and lending markets which are untrackable and have irritated publishers since Gutenberg. I'm interested to learn more about the Nook's "lending" feature.

~This is just adorable.

~HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYSTERY BOOKS. And many returns of the day.
I hope all of you plan go check out the incredible roster of authors they have signing there tomorrow.

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