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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Love All the People

Bill Hicks was comedy's black poet. He was Chomsky with dick jokes. He was Goat Boy. He was heir to Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor... since his death in 1994 no one has filled his shoes. They were to damned massive.

Bill was not exactly looking inspire laughter. Laughter was often incidental. His aim was to bring about catharsis - Laughter meant you were on his wavelength, rage meant you were somewhere close.

For the past few weeks, "Love All the People" has been flying off our shelves. This is hands down the best book with a comedian's name below the title. This is not a memoir or a collection of rants written quickly to fulfill a book deal, but, instead, it is a direct transcription of Bill Hick's perfectly honed stand-up routines, letters and lyrics.

Reading it, you'll see his genius of mixing some of the most vulgar comedy with his beautiful, enlightened philosophy.

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