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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book News Oct. 29th

~Margaret Atwood is perfect + totally adorable.

Top Ten Lists Already!!! It's not even November yet. There's 1/6th of the year left. The trend toward publishing these lists earlier and earlier in the year is ridiculous. I think PW needs to rein in their "passion" a little bit. The two best book's I've read this year aren't even out yet! [Your Face Tomorrow V.3 and The Autobiography of Fidel Castro] My favorite book from last year, The Hakawati, came out at the very end of December and found inclusion in no lists I saw. This is not an attempt to praise my own judgment, more an observation that these lists have become less about praising and publicizing great books and more about publicizing the list makers themselves. So credit where it's due- The Morning News "Tournament of Books" might be the only "top" anything worth paying attention to. Thanks TMN.

~LA Bizarro, one of our bestselling books for weeks, presents a great argument in the book vs web debate. Who still uses guide books? Our customers apparently.

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