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Friday, October 2, 2009

Change of Season, Changing Opinion

Oh I admit it, I look at those blogs featuring the sexy stylish well-dressed men of Paris, Milan, Rome. With the cuff in perfect balance with the jacket sleeve; the trouser hem cutting the shoelaces of the bespoke loafer (or at the very least just-shined loafer) to perfection. And the buttons on the sleeves of their tailored jackets actually open and close....I sigh...sigh....

I have more than once thought to myself, "Oh why why can't American men be as chic?!"

Well boys the gig is up, it seems you can, or so says Robert Bryan in the new book "American Fashion Menswear" published by Assouline.

Chock full of images and words, yes this is menswear, on the seminal role American men and their apparel have played on the world of fashion.

Mr. Bryan even argues that menswear is more important and influential than womenswear. (Oh come on Mr. Bryan leave the ladies something please!)

What makes me happy - this may be selfish on my part. What I may not see on the streets of LA I can see on the pages of this book. For me a well dressed man is sexiest and second only to a smart and funny one, put all three together. Well...ummm...

Maybe I can scan some pages and leave them lying around LA as a sort of community service?

"Ask not..."
All images from American Fashion Menswear by Robert E. Bryan published by Assouline

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