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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gary Cox explains 'How to Be an Existentialist'

How to Get Real, Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses...

For just $19.95 you, too, can become an Existentialist! No need to be nor speak French. No need to smoke cigarettes nor flirt with communism. No need to crash a car to prove a point of meaninglessness, nor proclaim Che Guevara 'the most complete human being of our age.'

Author Gary Cox offers up the in's and out's of Existentialism in humorous doses.

However, Cox nearly blows the proverbial wad on the cover with this explanatory note:

"Existentialists are nihilists because they recognize that life is ultimately absurd and full of terrible, inescapable truths. They are anti-nihilists because they recognize that life does in fact have a meaning: the meaning each person chooses to give his or her own existence. They recognize that each person is free to create themselves and make something worthwhile of themselves by striving against life's difficulties."
A wonderful treasure for philosophers and laypeople alike.

(Click here to purchase How to Be an Existentialist)

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