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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Nancy" by John Stanley

Wow this is something from my childhood past. What's great is having a good memory of Nancy and reading it as a 55-year-old (yet beautifully handsome still) adult and seeing it in new (sort of) eyes. Well, for one, it's totally twisted and surreal strange. Also it is very child-like view of how adults run the world - and the crazy anarchy of childhood and how that plays in that adult world.

There is no really subtext or introduction -- and that is sort of missed. Stanley didn't invent Nancy but during the glory years (50's to 60's) of comic book production he put his stamp on numerous cartoon characters. I have a hunch that he was an interesting character. Nevertheless this book is beautifully designed and it’s really something to look at and hold. A remarkable object on a remarkable character named Nancy and by what I believe written by a remarkable legendary comic book figure -- John Stanley. Dell Comics unite!

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